On 31st March 2017, Hon. Evelyn Anite visited the 619 acre facility of Mbale Industrial Park to inform the people of Makhubo Masanda village about the government’s plans for this particular park. She called for a meeting with the local leaders and the Member of Parliament of Mbale who included Hon. Mike Werikhe, Hon. Konny Galiwango, the Mayor of Mbale municipality, LC1 & LC5 Chairmen, UIA officials and the press. During this meeting, she thanked the local leadership for their enthusiasm towards development. “In this Kisanja Hakuna Mchezo, we resolved that we must industrialize our country, create employment opportunities for the young people and stop the system of our country becoming a super market but turn it into a manufacturing hub and an exporter of goods.” She said.

The delayed development of this park is due to some social and financial challenges that government is set to resolve in this kisanja Hakuna Mchezo period. During the meeting with the squatters on the park land, Hon. Anite informed the people that the NRM government wants to create 1million jobs starting with Doko and Makhubo Masanda villages in Mbale district. “Uganda has been zoned into 18 zones that will be industrialized and Mbale is one of them.” She said. She added that government has already secured money to compensate the squatters and also build up factories and infrastructure on this park. Mbale Industrial and Business Park land is one of the planned 23 industrial parks across the country that government through UIA acquired from Bugisu Cooperative Union in 2008. It was acquired with a total number of 864 squatters whom it had an obligation to compensate as per the Chief Government Valuer’s Report. UIA has so far compensated 600 people leaving a balance of 264 whom it’s ready to pay after them signing the verification forms.

The growth of this particular park will result into job creation, value addition of agricultural produce of this region, developed infrastructure, , growth of SMEs/Incubators, development of hotel/business/commercial facilities and many others.

Mr. Fred Opolot, a UIA Board member urged people to open up bank accounts through which they’ll receive their compensation. He also appealed to the people of Masanda who were compensated to vacate and pave way for development.